Fruit Delivery Melbourne – How to Make Great Smoothies from Freshly Delivered Fruits

Everyone likes a cold and refreshing smoothie on a hot day. In fact smoothies are a great way of getting your kids to gulp down the fruits without making faces. For good fruit and vegetable delivery in Melbourne this service offers the best variety and great tasting fruit and vegetables. You can make great tasting desserts and condiments from their freshly delivered fruits. Below are a few great ideas to incorporate fruits in your diet, especially if you aren’t too big on eating fruits.

Frozen Fruits

Granted that you have a sweet tooth, chances are you might have found yourself reaching for that tub of ice cream every time. Not only is ice cream greater in calories it’s laden with unhealthy sugar. Why not substitute your ice cream with a rich and creamy banana frozen into a Popsicle. Not only would it satisfy your sweet tooth craving but allow you to indulge in it without feeling guilty.

You can even freeze a handful of blue berries for an instant satisfying frozen snack minus all the calories. Besides these are other methods of enjoying your fruits as well. Some of these include

Mango and peach smoothie

All you need is a nicely diced sweet mango and toss in the smaller pieces of peach along with some ice in the blender. The result is a creamy delicious smoothie which is cold and a treat for your taste buds. This smoothie is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants and is wonderful way to kick start your day. In fact you can even add milk to add to the creamier texture. However if you are lactose intolerant or follow a gluten free diet you can substitute regular milk with almond or soya milk.

Strawberries and banana smoothie

Toss is some coconut milk or regular low fat milk in the blender. Add three fourth cups of frozen strawberries. Add a large banana for a creamier texture. Next pulse the blender until you achieve the desired consistency of your smoothie. If it appears thick add more coconut milk. Finally add a small dollop of honey or maple syrup to make a healthy sweet treat for your-self.

This is one smoothie, which, is equally popular with both kids and adults. If you are planning to have some people over for lunch, make sure you make this smoothie. It can be a great desert replacement along with being refreshing as well.

You can increase the health quotient of your smoothies by tossing in some chia-seeds. Chia seeds are the new health food which everyone just can’t get enough off. These add an interesting texture to your smoothie as well.

Tips for making great smoothies

The following tips can actually help you make the best smoothies

  • Always make sure to add the liquid to the blender before adding any of the fruits.
  • Bananas make the best base for a smoothie. That’s because bananas have a rich creamy texture which imitates that of full fat cream.
  • In order to add that touch of extra sugar you can avoid sugar altogether and use some honey or agave syrup.
  • Ice cubes can increase the frostiness of smoothies.