Protecting Wiring with Fire Sleeves


For anyone who is the owner, builder or engineer of a commercial or residential property, the importance of fire protection is alway of the highest priority.

Fire danger and education is important. Engineers need to be diligent in their practices to ensure that quality products which meet regulatory standards are used, and that they are installed and used in the appropriate manner. If you’re unqualified to do this yourself, it’s important you use a professional. This ensures that the product is fit for the intended purpose and to avoid disaster. To many times we hear about safety products failing, but almost every time it’s due to incorrect installation or installation by someone who is not a qualified professional.

In order to make sure that this doesn’t happen with our products, we provide the appropriate information including installation instructions, installation recommendations and offer support. If something needs to be installed by a professional, we will ensure that our preferred engineers are notified.


Fire Sleeve Wiring Protection

fire-tapeThere are several options out there that exist when it comes to protecting your building’s wiring from fire.  The common high grade fire sleeve is highly reliable and the chosen method of most engineers in the construction and aviation industry.

For groups of separate wiring looms, approved fire tape can be of integral importance when it comes to heat resistance in certain applications. Flame protection can be obtained without having to disengage, disconnect or branch multiple wires. For those situations where you cannot afford for equipment or operation to cease, even momentarily, this is the greatest option available.