SEO Knowledge 101 – Back To Basics

Search engine optimisation, or SEO has become an integral part of doing business. Today, the internet is a valuable resource, and every business has an online version of its brick and mortar business, with some operating completely online. The purpose of SEO is to improve the nature of the website such that it has a higher rank and the number of visitors to it increases. It can be simple, and if conducted properly greatly benefit the company. If not done properly, then the company that one intended to promote can remain buried among the millions of companies with websites. It should not be thought of as tricking the search engine but as improving the nature of one’s website such that the search engine recognises its value and ranks it higher. This way, the likelihood of having visitors will be high.

SEO Ranking Signals

seo-logoThere are several aspects of a website that search engines look for. Much of the traffic to websites is driven by search engines, the major commercial ones like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The things they look for are content, authority, performance and the experience of users. The content on the website involves things like the theme of the website, the descriptions given in the website, the titles and the text. Authority refers to the situation where the website has good enough content that other websites have links to or refer to it. Performance is to do with how fast the website is, if when one clicks on it they get their results fast enough. User experience is another of the more important factors. It has to do with whether the site s easy to navigate, if it is safe and whether it has a high bounce rate. Trying to get hits and improve ranking through unscrupulous methods can land one’s website in trouble.

What a Professional SEO Company Will Do

Professionals will ensure that you don’t fall for the most basic of SEO mistakes, such as keyword stuffing your on-page content and meta tags. What search engines do not work well with are things like keyword stuffing. This is the use of many of the keywords that people use when searching on one’s page. Purchasing links are another direction many people take that gets them nowhere when it comes to search engine optimisation. The ultimate way one can be guaranteed of poor results is having a website with a poor user experience index. Users should be able to navigate websites easily, and this cannot happen if it has too many advertisements. These increase the website bounce rate and reduce the likelihood of one getting the information they wanted. There is an expert agency specialising in this practice called Synergy SEO in Melbourne.

seo-company-treeThere are many technical things one has to keep in mind about their website if they are to achieve the ratings they desire. Key among them is being all round and keeping up with best practice in domain naming. While search engines are the ones that will bring the easiest results, social networking will also bring results. Websites can get hits from links posted in Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and other social networking sites. Offline channels like radio and television can also bring results. When naming domains, one should remain consistent and consider having in their domain names some of the keywords for which they are trying to rank their website. To learn more about SEO services, you can click here to visit the website of a reliable company.